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Childrens Art Workshops

I run a limited number of  courses, focusing on children from the age of six to thirteen in small groups during the school holidays and at half term.


The classes typically have an age range of three to four years, and generally last for between two and three hours. These courses are designed to give children the opportunity to explore the possibilities of drawing and painting,  with the emphasis on enjoying the process of creating. The children quickly have the confidence to do large colourful paintings based on still life, the immediate landscape, or a model, combined of course with their wonderful imagination. The children are encouraged to look at things, put their own ideas down, mix colours and get stuck in. The older children are encouraged to develop their understanding of tone, colour, and scale and are given instruction on how to use different materials. Medium will include paints, pastels, charcoal, pencils and collage, all included in the price.

The classes are held in a large light studio in the Suffolk countryside near Newmarket and are taken by myself, Kate Sporborg, BA Hons Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art. 1989.

The classes are divided into suitable age groups and generally last for between two and three hours.

For details of forthcoming classes and to register your interest, please email me

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