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Expressionist Landscapes and Still Life

My paintings are lyrical interpretations of my subject. I create a very personal palette of colours and enjoy expressive painterly gestures and mark-making. They are based on scribbles and sketches that I have made in situ around the country. Back in my studio, I want to paint spontaneously. I blend realism and abstraction as I am more interested in capturing the rhythms, energy and atmosphere of a place than an exact representation.

New work will be released shortly.  If you are interested in purchasing an original work of art to add character and colour to your home or office please get in touch. The majority of my paintings are with Cricket Fine Art who represent me in London and Hungerford and I have some work with Kevis Gallery in Petworth and some of the paintings are in my studio. Do please contact me for any further information about any work. The measurements are for the canvas or boards not including the frame, again I can be of help here if you have questions. 

The best way to know when new work is going to be released or for information on new art courses is to join my mailing list

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