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a handful of testimonials from previous courses....

“I can’t thank you enough for such a fabulous and inspirational 3 days. I was so nervous about picking up a pencil again but you took all those nerves away and were so brilliant at explaining, teaching, encouraging and pushing us into believing that we could actually create something on paper with all means of mediums and styles.  I honestly have not enjoyed myself more, doing something for me, for absolutely years!  I am now truly inspired to grab some crayons and keep up with my sketching. So a deep down huge thank you.” Claire

I just wanted to thank you for an inspirational course last week. I was totally like the "rabbit in the headlights" when I arrived but I learned so much and have gained a new perspective on how I see the outside world. You are the most incredible teacher and I so admire your patience and ability. I what a super team - and lovely to make new friends, and thank you for the delicious lunches.  Caroline 03/23

"I completely loved the three days that I spent coming to Suffolk. It was wonderful and so interesting meeting everyone else and hearing their stories. You are a fantastic teacher and I have been playing with the limited palettes since I have been home. 

Polly, 03/23

I loved your art course.  Your preparation and planning was superb.  Loved the exercises and experimental paintings.  I certainly learnt how to "look" and how to see.  It was so helpful to be guided on how to be looser and freer with the brushes.  Alex, 10/22

Well, that was the best three days I have had in ages. I just loved being on the course with all the other lovely people.  So refreshing to work again amongst other artists and to try paint again. Tessa, 10/22

Thank you for an amazing course; you really have become a brilliant teacher and I loved every minute of it - and what a lot you gave us to think about.  You definitely achieved the goal of helping us to kick start our art. Georgie, 10/22

“Thank you Kate so much for opening our eyes to the spaces in between, transforming walks into a symphony of light and shade and introducing the wandering line, and an escape from overneatness, once the eye hopefully one day tunes into the hand! Delicious lunch, all in a beautiful space and the three days you led us through, each introduced and guided us in different ways of seeing and creating perspective. The journey has begun...  Many thank yous our little brain cells were swimming happily with info and all your merry chat and now it's down to making time just a little even…” Alexandra, 09/21



“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful three days on your course. I really enjoyed it and it has certainly stirred more than a passing interest. It’s now a case of finding the time – 

I think you structured the course very well and explained all the elements you were teaching clearly. You gave lots of encouragement to everyone and allowed each of us to go at our own pace. I thought it was going to be a bit competitive and not having done anything serious since school thought I would be in amongst some proper artists who would look askance at my poor efforts! Not a bit of it – we all just got on with it in our own ways which is, after all, what art should be about. I thought the barn was a perfect place to do the course – lots of space, plenty of loos, great kitchen etc. Great food too! Not too many people. Good value for money.  I got a lot out of it and would definitely be interested in learning more about colour and paints/painting.  

All in all, well done, I think you ran a very good course.”   James, 10/21

Not nearly as terrifying as I had suspected (!) and I absolutely loved it.  You are an utterly wonderful teacher - you make it all such fun. Carolina, 09/22

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